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catalogue of this exhibition

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While working with Anne Elizabeth Moore on Hip Hop Apsara, I would often encounter that same question — “When did you start working together?” I never quite had the answer. I mean, I remember meeting Anne the first year I’d moved to Chicago because I had friend who worked with Jay Ryan and Jay Ryan shared studio space with Punk Planet, where Anne worked as Editor. I think we just continued to encounter one another for a while, encounters and conversations which deeply influenced the Green Lantern Press. But some where along … Read more


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Today at the Co-Prosperity Sphere! Philip von Zweck and Kevin Jennings present: Erythrophobia–A happening by Kevin Jennings & Philip von Zweck, a hot bath in the meanings of the color RED relying heavily on the talents of: Eric Humphrey, Michelle Harris, Zachary Cahill, Mark Booth & Adrian Moens, Gary Cannone, Chris Hammes, LeRoy Stevens, Chris Smith, Caroline Picard, Jen Blair, Charles King, and Bill Gross


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I meant to write about this a long time ago, but it kept getting lost in the shuffle. Nevertheless, I really loved the MDWY Fair and so I wanted to put something about it here, even if it is for my own diaristic pleasure. Most of this post will consist of photographs I took. The fair itself was located in a removed warehouse on the South Side. To give you a sense of it’s context, there was a plot of land, partly filled with 2 separate buildings and one loading … Read more