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Pooling my posts and interviews about Art Space RadProvidence

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Over the last few months, I’ve been posting a series of interviews with and reflections on the art community in Providence, Rhode Island — a project that stems directly from an artist residency I did at AS220 this last July. I wanted to put all of those posts I’ve done in one place to help map out the bigger picture of my work there. One day, I hope to compile this into a downloadable PDF booklet. In the meantime, hopefully this will suffice.

Black Metal, Revolution and Co-opting thereabouts

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I just wanted to pass on this article that Devin King wrote for the MAKE Magazine blog. It’s a double review for the black metal movie, Until the Light Takes Us and a Zero Books publication, Cold World: The Aesthetics of Rejection and The Politics of Militant Dysphoria. I think it’s an interesting piece because of the way these potential critical/academic/archival pursuits of cultural action that deliberately takes place in the margins of society is posthumously brought back into the fold of that same society. I know that such a … Read more

AS220 : Compost and Artistic Fertility

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posted by Caroline Picard During one of our weekly meetings, Abby brought in an article, written by a group affiliated with Providence’s AS220. AS220 is a community arts organization that has been interesting for us to look at for many reasons. 1) They are awesome–which was gleaned from first-hand experience when Devin and I went out there last fall to put up one version of the North Georgia Gazette show. 2) They have an incredible vision, one that is stretching out and expanding to different pockets of downtown Providence, where … Read more