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Minutes-San Francisco (On Marvelous Things Heard-edition)

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  At the bus stop two kids—probably brothers—wait on their way to summercamp. One is pointing out all the buildings within sight that have turrets or are otherwise over 2 stories with odd protrusions, saying, “that one too; and that one; and this one over here; and yeah that one too…” The other kid responds incredulously, “all of those houses are haunted?” “Yes, and we’re very fortunate to live in a neighborhood where we know which houses are haunted. That’s why I think I’m going to stay here when I … Read more

On the heels of bursting bubbles

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posted by Caroline Picard I thought this article might be of interest as well–in which Paul Klein on the Huffington Post talks about how an art collection ought not be disregarded in the weighing of one’s assets. While I don’t really have those assets, it still seems interesting, in as much as it further measures the pulse of today’s time. And even, the relationship between art, the market and the individual…..