Our Trip to ACRE

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I just posted a little it about the my trip to the woods this summer. Young invited us out, so Lady Rollins went to play. It was awesome. Xina Xurner played, as did Todd Mattei, but there was all this other great stuff that happened in between. It was especially cool for me because I’ve been working on this longer piece of writing about summer camp for artists (the one that starts with Joseph Bueys, passes through a hippy and ends with hipster shaman kids) and one of the biggest things I realized is that I totally forgot about insects and how things smell like grass when you’re outdoors. Goes to show how long I’ve been away from nature. Anyway, you can read the post here.



And here is the footage from the show we played on Sunday night. The video is mine and was screening during the duration of the performance.¬†¬†Devin played the Guitar, Jess played the “Thingamagoop” (I seriously have no idea what it was called but it looked like one of those deep sea fishes with a light antenna coming out of its head) and Peter played a tape loop! You can also download the track/listen to it without the video by going here.

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