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Instead of having a reading for Psycho Dream Factory, we’re going to have a music performance. I can’t wait. Here’s the deets:

At 7:30pm on June 22nd, 2011 ROXABOXEN Exhibitions will host the official release party for PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY, a collection of short stories by Caroline Picard. In honor of the book’s inception XINA XURNER, LADY ROLLINS and LITESALIVE will perform short musical sets. This event marks the final week of “Happiness Machines.”

Artist Marvin Astorga and drag diva Lil Elote join forces as XINA XURNER, to bring you cunty noise-influenced house music that oozes sex, death, and decay. Xina Xurner will make you sweat.

LADY ROLLINS makes sound/video scapes collaging together patchwork-scratchy-reverb sound-threads. Featuring Jess Speer, Peter Speer, Devin King and Caroline Picard.

LITESALIVE is the computer and electronic music of Todd Mattei. Todd Mattei is a musician and visual artist residing in Chicago. Through video, digital photography, and electric/digital music composition and performance, Mattei’s work negotiates ideas of reality and non-reality, playing innocently with artifice to disorient/reorient the viewer/listener. The resulting accumulations of images, harmonies, dissonances, and jokes create an experience not unlike a dense and artificial daydream.
Litesalive music is best understood as Sci-Fi Ba-roke.

Each story in PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY appropriates celebrity figures like paper dolls in order to enact a new and peculiar drama. Imagine Dr. Dre’s first experience coming on the Burning Man festival! Suppose MJ’s death was only a publicity stunt! What if Woody Allen found a protégé? These are just some of the scenarios you’ll entertain in this delightful compilation. Introduction provided by Lily Robert-Foley, with design and covers by Sonnenzimmer. This full-color book was made in an edition of 100 and was published by artist-run Holon Press.

Caroline Picard is the Senior Editor of the Green Lantern Press.

Roxaboxen Exhibitions is an artist run gallery and performance space in the heart of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. We are dedicated to displaying work of awesome artists we encounter, providing a space for creative calloboration, as well as distributing/acquiring ideas and information.

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