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I feel like the titles should be said in the same tone/voice used at a Monster Truck Ralley, or something…

Hey everyone! This is my book! Or, this is the cover of my book. I wanted to introduce you. I am very excited about this. I have seen proofs (and they are awesome)–full color interior, just shy of 100 pages. It’s biggish sized, 7″x10″, with glossy pages: I wanted it to feel just enough like a magazine, because I appropriate famous celebrities and put them into my stories like protagonists. There are about 12 stories, plus one essay about celebrities as a coda and an introduction from the most awesomest Lily Robert-Foley. I’m totally indebted to Nadine over at Sonnenzimmer for not just the covers but also the interior design. She took the whole thing off my hands and made it into something sweet. My O my.

I’ve included some shots of the interior below. If you want to order a precopy/check all the details of the book go here! It’ll be available LIVE at my show over at Roxaboxen–”Happiness Machines” and I can’t wait. Here’s more info on that show again, if you want to see…

Each story PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY appropriates celebrity figures like paper dolls in order to enact a new and peculiar drama. Imagine Dr. Dre’s first experience coming on the Burning Man festival! Suppose MJ’s death was only a publicity stunt! What if Woody Allen found a protégé? These are just some of the scenarios you’ll entertain in this delightful volume. Introduction provided by Lily Robert-Foley, with delicious design created and covers printed by Sonnenzimmer and artwork included by the author. This full-color book was made in an edition of 100. 

Prior to its inclusion in “Happiness Machines” (an exhibit at Roxa Boxen Exhibitions) 25 copies of  PSYCHO  DREAM  FACTORY  were placed and left behind (with bar codes) in supermarket checkout aisles in Chicago IL.



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