Whats up PhD?

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Here’s something short I wrote about Studio Art PhD programs on the Badatsports website. It posted this last Wednesday and I kind of can’t believe it’s already the weekend. I’ve been pretty nose-in-a-drawing, getting ready for this show. A week and a half ago it was even more intense because I had to prep all of these print projects for production–the book, these nifty header cards I’m going to use to frame the drawings, and of course the label for the energy drink. Those things needed a few weeks advance if they were going to get here on time. The other stuff is like stuff I could just keep doing forever; in other words I will never make too many drawings, so it’s kind of like I have to keep plugging away. I love it. Anyway, in the midst of everything else, I also wrote a blof post for B@S.

Next week and for the following weeks (I hope) I’ll be posting interviews, which I’m pretty excited about.

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