Ninja Turtle Sex Museum

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by Veronica Sol
Woa. Such a crazy book. It definitely blew my mind. A 49 page book full of drawings by James Unsworth, printed by Ditto Press. The Papercave is selling copies and it’s a companion to Unsworth’s show of the same name (I wish I could have seen it, but it was in London). Beyond a “PA” on one character’s butt there is literaley no text. OK maybe there is some text on random mislaid pizza boxes that appear in different frames. It’s hilarious. Grotesque, so vulgar it’s kind of sexy. It’s like some 14-year old with exceptional drawing skills made a 49+ (some drawings are 4 to a page) mostly homo-erotic pictures depicting a fantasy world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle furries and real men (or boys). Like. Woa. Seriously kind of rad. And the thing is, the drawings are sooooo good. These are beautiful drawings, with gorgeous colors, (some pages are simply green and black, other full color) and it’s pretty funny. Gloroiusly unabashed. It is totally true what MOTTO says, “Really really really not suitable for children or anyone who objects to lots of TMNT-related gay horror action.” Get Your Copy HERE!

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