Do you like Flash Fiction? Come to our book release!

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Do you like flash fiction? Because we do! And On March 8th at 7:30 pm flash fiction reading series Quickies! and The Green Lantern Press come together to celebrate at The Inner Town Pub in Wicker Park (1935 W Thomas).

As an homage to this delectable literary form, The Green Lantern Press releases a stunning collection of fictional truffles, culled from an on-line journal of the same name. FICTION AT WORK: A BIANNUAL REPORT arrives hot off the presses and Quickies! is hosting its shiny release with live readings from Heather Calomese, Jac Jemc, Ira Murfin, and Hannis Pannis.

Fiction at Work: A Biannual Report

is a slim volume, this book, with a matte cover you can run your fingers over, pocket-width and actually pocketable, in jeans, khakis, slacks, and trousers, unlike the faux pocket editions, so popular in the 80’s, which fit only into the pockets of enormous carnival pants, and on the matte cover are the names of the 24 writers locked within, their bios swollen with awards and laudations, their births in, and travels to, the countries of the world, their stories, word-counted in but the dozens or hundreds, make mince of the joys and sorrows of our lives. This volume—it is not slim.

Published in an edition of 250 with writing by Bim Angst, Anne Brooke, Devin Bustin, Heather Calomese, Spencer Dew, E.K. Entrada, Kevin Fink, Jennifer Gravely, Mary Hamilton, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Steve McPhereson, Lois McShane, Gary Moshimer, Ira S. Murfin, Jenny Ortiz, Hannis Pannis, Ryan Pendell, Michael Ramsburg, Robert Scotellaro, Tom Sheehan, Lehua Taitano, Janet Thorning, Maureen O’Leary Wanket, and Bill West; this work was edited by Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf.

Quickies! was started by Mary Hamilton and Lindsay Hunter as a showcase for very short prose. Each reader has four minutes to read a complete work of prose. No poetry. No excerpts. No cheating. Quickies! is the second Tuesday of every other month at the Innertown Pub in Chicago.

Fiction at Work is an online journal featuring good, short fiction intended as a remedy in the doldrum workplace.

THE GREEN LANTERN PRESS is a non-profit paperback press determined to publish and distribute emerging and/or forgotten works. Dedicated to the “slow media” approach, each work is printed in small collector’s editions. This is in keeping with a general attitude about consumerism and the material we print, namely that we only make what will be used; what is made is of fine quality and innovative character.

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