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As we’re wrapping up programming here at the GL, this week is chalk full of goodness. I wanted to put it all in one place…

–Adam Levin reads from The Instructions .: Dec. 07 7-9:30 pm–

Adam Levin’s stories have appeared in Tin House, McSweeney’s, and Esquire. Winner of the 2003 Tin House/ Summer Literary Seminars Fiction Contest and the 2004 Joyce Carol Oates Fiction Prize, Levin holds an MA in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago and an MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. He lives in Chicago, where he teaches writing at Columbia College and The School of the Art Institute.

The Instructions

Beginning with a chance encounter with the beautiful Eliza June Watermark and ending four days later with the Events of November 17, this is the story of Gurion Maccabee, age ten: a lover, a fighter, a scholar, and a truly spectacular talker. Ejected from three Jewish day schools for acts of vio- lence and messianic tendencies, Gurion ends up in the Cage, a special lockdown program for the most hopeless cases of Aptakisic Junior High. Separated from his scholarly follow- ers, Gurion becomes a leader of a very different sort, with righteous aims building to a revolution of troubling intensity. The Instructions is an absolutely singular work of fiction by an important new talent who has already been compared to David Foster Wallace by New York magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times.

–SUPER R TYPE: word based art .:Thursday, December 9 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm–

Come see/hear/experience three performances and presentations from four artists who are making word-based art in very different ways:

Hyojin An is a visual artist currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her text-based work playfully explores the often-invisible politics of English, and the creative challenges of making art in a second language.

Rachel Gontijo Araujo speaks Portuguese, writes in English an…d is located at an unequal distance between. She is the co-founder of A Bolha Editora, an in-translation press with headquarters in Brasilia.

Amira Hanafi is a writer and artist using variable methods of research and collection to produce documentary objects. Currently, she is working with an assemblage of material collected on a four-month drift in Cairo, Egypt. She is the author of Minced English, Trinities, and Forgery (forthcoming from Green Lantern Press, 2011). Her work has recently been published in American Letters & Commentary, Requited, and Matrix. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Keiler Roberts was born in 1978 in Wisconsin. After studying art at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University she made paintings and drawings for ten years, and then happily switched to comics. She now lives in Evanston, Illinois and teaches at DePaul University in Chicago.

–OPEN SECRET/THE AUTHOR IS NOT PRESENT .: Fri. Dec 10 7:00-9:30 pm

Benjamin Chaffee’s talk on December 10th will include a discussion of the difficulty of reading, trying, Rémy Bricka’s failure to walk across the Pacific Ocean and Mickey Rourke’s teary monologue in The Expendables. Benjamin Chaffee lives and works in Chicago.

About The Open Secret Series:

“Common interests bring people together. But what keeps them together is neither common nor easy. It takes an evolving awareness of the differences that naturally develop between two individuals, and a commitment to allow those differences to take root, so that common connections grow into singular bonds. The open secret to this process is time, the only dimension capable of registering the moments and ruptures that define growth of an individual abiding an unbridgeable difference to become one for the other.”

– Paul Chan, The Unthinkable Community

Although our functioning artistic ecosystem–the internet–has seemingly allowed artistic identity to flourish, the identity of the individual, artistic or otherwise, is now implicitly tied to the identities of others. While the communal-individual has been investigated in situ through relational aesthetics, it is our belief that these type of interactions can also be investigated separate from the art-object: within the research phase of art-making. How does the initial, exploratory practice of the artist also reveal notions of community? And how does the artist contribute to a vision of sustainable community when confronted with an online identity crisis?

Part of a larger project that includes interviews, performances and critical writing, The Open Secret will include a collection of performances, artist talks, lectures and film screenings that explore our experience of communities, networks and ecosystems and within them, the role of author, artist and curator.

Curated by Brian Wallace and Joni Murphy

–DATE WITH DECEIT .: Sat. Dec 11 @7:30–
Curated by Eric Fleischauer and Jesse McLean

What was once Mere Mystery has become visible by an Eruption of
activity and engagement. Technology has helped to narrow the division between the passive audience and the unseen artist. Users have embraced the reposting and repurposing of an abundance of media, and many have seized this opportunity to make a critical transition from viewer to curator or artist.

With aid of technology we can observe the world around us and use it’s tools to enact our own hidden fantasies but are we happier now that we have increased access to information and to each other, even if this other is a digital projection of our imagined selves? What are we embracing and is this a deceptive relationship? Date with Deceit, the third and final screening program curated by EF+JM for the GL,
explores the realm and implications of information accessibility both
IRL and online.

also coming up:

– Now It’s Dark .: Friday, December 17 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

This third installment of the Now It’s Dark experimental film and music series will pair video works by Catherine Pancake and Michelle Harris with two of Chicago’s busiest and best improvisers. Additional works and performers TBA!

Fred Lonberg-Holm, amplified cello
Devin Hoff, bass

The Now It’s Dark Experimental Film and Music Series seeks to explore the intersection of film and music by pairing original works by Chicago filmmakers with live performances by Chicago improvisers. These scoreless films will incite and inspire the spontaneous creation of autonomous musical pieces that will merge and diverge from the projections on the wall.

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