From the Art21 blog: Pledging Artistic Friendship: “2 of a Kind” at LVL3

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Lubinski Furniture at 1550 N. Milwaukee Avenue, located in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, has a long history of artist-run spaces. In the last ten years I’ve known a healthy series of disparate ones, from Plasticene Theater (before my time) to Buddy Gallery (once the home ofLumpen magazine), High School, All-rise (a gallery space briefly subsidized by an underground hostel), Enemy, Scott Projects, Cinema Borealis, and Heaven. While the latter two continue to thrive, the same property is presently occupied by newer spaces including TriTriangle, Happy Dog, and LVL3—and yet the artistic energy characteristic of the entire complex endures. It seems fitting then that LVL3 would host a summer show devoted to collaborative relationships, a show whose very premise underscores the fact that rarely, if ever, do artists create in a vacuum.

2 of a Kind platforms eight artist pairs who created new work specifically for the show. The exhibit, the gallery, and the building are indicative of an exciting, often invisible network of relationships, historical and contemporary, pragmatic and idealistic, that facilitate artistic production. LVL3 is located on the third floor of the building. Entering from the street, one walks up a dark flight of stairs, up a second flight of stairs and into LVL3, whose current show represents a nexus of contemporary makers. 2 of a Kind displays a wide range of work in various mediums. The aesthetic is varied but every object affirms a productive partnership. Unlike the faded, all but forgotten relationships that occupied this space in the past, 2 of a Kindis a coeval snap shot of dualistic artistic relationships now. (read more)

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