Week in Review on B@S

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Oola la. It happened again! A week passed. And I put together a little list of what happened on Bad at Sports and shot it through a lens of our relationship to the environment. Which you can check out by going here….and yea, I don’t know. Do apocalypse jokes work? What does it say about my world view that I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if I had gone too far when I published an image of the earth with the all the hysteria of  ”2012″ printed on top of it? (That I’m afraid of my own shadow? Or maybe more likely — that sad truth that I’m just not funny. Big surprise.) One of my favorite take-aways from that eco-poetics conference came together in a conversation when a panelist pointed out that it was easy for moral superiority and shame to creep into conversations about the environment. She suggested that one should be both alert to that slippage; perhaps it is not the most useful way to deal with our current world. Check it out here.

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