Two Histories of the World Part Two

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Earlier this week a post I put together went live on the Art21 blog. Like the Ground Floor show, it is also up at the Hyde Park Art Center on the second floor and well worth checking out. What follows is an excerpt:

Objects need not be natural, simple, or indestructible. Instead, objects will be defined by their autonomous reality. –Graham Harman, The Quadruple Object, Zero Books, 2011.

The frame of an installation encloses the maximum number of components in the field. At the same time, the frame creates an image that “opens onto a play of relations which are purely thought and which weave a whole. Therefore, there is always out-of-field, even in the most closed image. – Jungmin Lee, ”Modes of Exhibition as Mediated Space: Projection Installation as Spectatorial Frame,” Art&Education

In this particular frame we find ourselves on the second floor of the Hyde Park Art Center. Light streams through a few windows into a clean, contemporary exhibition space. In the back of the room towards the window, colorful objects rest on folding tables — a bicycle wheel, for instance, a ceramic pumpkin, an umbrella and a life preserver: those objects have been arranged according to their color (orange, pink, white, black etc.) and seem to wait either for a still life drawing class or a curious church sale. In another portion of the room hollow metal cubes (what might have once functioned as store display cases) have been decorated with a variety of objects — a rubber brush, a draped piece of fabric, a mannequin’s hand, a card printed with various kinds of exotic fish — on the one hand these object seem random but given their painstaking placement, they command attention as monuments made with white elephants. (Follow this link to read the rest of the post).

Laura Davis. “Two Histories of the World: Part Two,” 2012.  Mixed Media. Hyde Park Art Center. Photo by Caroline Picard.

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