An Interview with Gretchen E. Henderson

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Remember On Marvellous Things Heard? Gretchen Henderson’s book — The Green Lantern Press put it out last fall. I finally posted an interview with Gretchen on Bad at Sports! Here is an excerpt:

What follows is an interview with three voices. I only started asking questions at the end; the conversation — and introduction, for that matter —  began with Angelo Spoto at &Now Books.  The interview takes place with Gretchen E. Henderson, a writer (now based out of Boston) who published two books with different presses, almost concurrently. Both of Henderson’s books ask and explore artistic questions. Her first book, Galerie de Difformité (&Now Books/Lake Forest College Press), operates like a  kind of text-based exhibition space with pages. Her second book, On Marvellous Things Heard, was published by my press, The Green Lantern, and examines the relationship between language and music.  

Deforming Forms with Gretchen E. Henderson (an interview)

Read the whole conversation by going here!

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