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Not sure why exactly, but the moon seems to be in my corner of late, or at least I’ve been writing and reading about projects that engage it. I posted something about Katie Paterson’s work on the subject on Art21, though she seems to engage it as a portion of Nature. I’ve been thinking about her projects lately because I continually run into the idea that “Nature” as on over-there-thing doesn’t really exist. Yet, she seems interested in giving it a voice somehow, to transmit its message (or its passive failure). Does that mean that Nature qua Nature remains in tact as a Romantic construct in her work? Or does it collapse under the weight of failed expectations?

Then too, Devin shared a link with me about artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis and her flock of Moon Geese-in-training. The movie about it is just drop-dead gorgeous and, as I mentioned on BadatSports, reminds me of a Wes Anderson scheme. All the science looks home made, a blend of unflinching seriousness and innocence at the same time. You can read more about her project by going here.

All of this Outer Space talk brings me back to Carrie Gundersdorf’s work, of course, her patient and steady portraits of astral space. To that end, I thought I could link to her site too, in case you feel like taking a Wednesday derive through her cyber studio…O yes! And lastly! Benjamin Philips posted new moon-related works as well! So, again, if you’re so inclined…make it a Moon-edsday.

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