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As an endearing aside, I thought I might mention that I bought my copy of Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art used. On the inside of the front and back cover, multiple signatures and notes in a variety of different handwritings have been left behind.  “…Here’s wishing you a fabulous future. Good luck in all you do.” In some places the original text inside the book itself is difficult to make out — one portion of the preface is more or less obliterated by an abstract scribble with the ball point command, “Wake Up!” But this is not a year book, this is a collection of essays about non-attachment and contemporary art and ego. Yet even with my own embark upon the text, I am required to practice a degree of resignation: to accept the energy of another’s relational indexes, even in such places where it might make reading the original text difficult. I really enjoyed the book in its own right, but also had some special pleasure negotiating its last owner’s grafitti. I just posted an interview with Mary Jane Jacob, a co-editor of the aforementioned book. It is posted in two parts, the first on Art21 and the second on BadatSports. Over the course of our talk we discuss the potential relationship between Buddhism and contemporary art practice.

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