Sebastian Alvarez on Bad at Sports

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I interviewed Sebastian Alvarez on Bad at Sports recently — we talk about, among other things, eating dirt, logos and audience communication: how information is conveyed and how identities are, in some sense, porous. I have long been a fan of Sebastian’s work, though this was the first time I’d had the opportunity to talk to him directly about it. He just moved to San Francisco from Chicago, but we originally met at SAIC. Through this conversation, I also discovered Sebastian’s blog, which is awesome! I’ve included an excerpt from our conversation below (I really love his description of being hungry far from home and stealing potatoes from a farm); you can read the whole piece by going here.

Caroline Picard: What happened to your impression of dirt once you ate it in public?

Sebastian Alvarez: Soil is always hard to grasp. Especially if it comes from Central Park in New York. The first time I tried eating soil was, like many of us, at a very early age. Unfortunately, I do not have a clear memory of that moment but I remember seeing a photograph of my face decorated with dirt around my mouth. Perhaps it was really chocolate but I prefer to think that it was soil because I was in a park. Years later, my second interaction with this organic matter happened in a desperate situation as I was hitchhiking to Cuzco, Peru from the south of Brazil. It was in a late afternoon after not being able to find a ride nor anything to eat. It was in a late afternoon after not being able to find a ride nor anything to eat. Upon arriving to a small farm in an isolated area, I stole some potatoes I found laying on a piece of burlap fabric…

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