The tide between identities

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"Kretek," 2006, photograph: Maartin Van Loosbroek. Interactive odour and sound installation (2006). Detail of kretek diffuser (clove and tobacco). Scents, sounds, electronics, infra-red motion detector, MIDI box (an open source interface), software, computer. This project was realized while in residence in Enschede, the Netherlands, via the European exchange program for young artists: “European pépinières [nursery for young artists”. Collaborators: Paul Jansen Klomp (new media artist), Antony Maubert (composer), and Michel Roudnitska (perfumer). This installation has been shown in Enschede at Villa deBank in April 2006, in Eindhoven at De Overslag in March 2007, and at Casino Luxembourg, Forum for Contemporary Art, Luxembourg in September 2007."

I just posted the second installment on the subject of hybridity on BadatSports, where I interviewed installation (and smell) artist Gwenn-Aël Lynn. It’s a really lovely conversation, I think. I’m really excited about how this project is coming together — there are more and more fantastic artists I’m talking to and the arc gets ever longer too (which I like). One day, I hope to compile all of these conversations in a downloadable PDF…But. In the meantime, you can read it by going here.

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