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I don’t know why I’ve been inclined to make titles in all caps of late, but…what can you do? I came across this article about Ai Wei Wei being charged for pornography today, and wanted to link it. In reaction to these charges, artists and followers alike have started to strip in public, or take nude photos of themselves. In some cases they put the Wei Wei’s face over their rated parts. Isn’t this photo amazing? 

Photo: He Yunchang

When artist Ai Weiwei disappeared, supporters made online appeals for his return. When authorities handed him a £1.5m tax bill, they sent money to help pay it. And now that he faces an investigation for spreading pornography – his admirers have stripped off.

Internet users began tweeting their nude photographs after Ai announced that authorities had questioned his cameraman over pictures which showed the artist and four women naked.

Many Chinese contemporary artists have taken pictures of themselves without clothes, and the pictures of Ai that have emerged so far do not appear sexually charged. Some suspect that it may be an attempt by the authorities to smear the artist, whose 81-day detention this spring caused international outrage.

…go here to read the rest!

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