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Over the last few months, I’ve been posting a series of interviews with and reflections on the art community in Providence, Rhode Island — a project that stems directly from an artist residency I did at AS220 this last July. I wanted to put all of those posts I’ve done in one place to help map out the bigger picture of my work there. One day, I hope to compile this into a downloadable PDF booklet. In the meantime, hopefully this will suffice.

A Postulate of Friendliness: AS220 at last

Vernacular Knowledge: An Interview with the Steel Yard


Nomadic Corner Stones: An Interview with RK Projects

Give and Take Between Parts: An Interview with Andrew Oesch

We Built This Space: An Interview with Meg Turner


– Part One: The Early Years

– Part Two: Rowing the Boat to Sea

– Part Three: And Now


– An Interview with Edie Fake

MORE NOTES ON AS220 / Reciprocity in Community

“The Position of Criticality”

“If I take care of you, others will take care of me”

“Identity in Action: drawing lines between this and that”

“Potential Return: when artists build an imaginary airport”


A KIND OF DIARY ENTRY about my stay : “Rabbit Gods”


“Some Anxieties about Conceptual Art in New England” (Greg Cook)


“Compost & Artistic Fertility”


“Our Trip to the Northeast” 


& how all this RI stuff started: When Anne Elizabeth Moore curated a print show at the Green Lantern:

“Without You I Am Nothing: A show curated by Anne Elizabeth Moore”

“Pictures from the Opening”

“Another Reason to come see Without You I am Nothing” 











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